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July 6, 2013
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PX1-767 by The-Prototype92 PX1-767 by The-Prototype92
Camelot, also known as PX1-767, is a planet inhabited by a medieval level population who were once ruled by King Arthur. Many of the Arthurian legends there differ from the Tau'ri legends: Arthur defeated Mordred in the Battle of Camlann, while Merlin was viewed as a malicious trickster. The planet was where Merlin hid his research on the Sangraal, to prevent the Ancients and the Ori from finding it. He locked his research in a library that contained a holographic guardian, and spread rumors that the library was cursed

this is my first critique on an artwork, so i'm sorry if i seem a little harsh in my ratings.

the image is pretty good overall for a beginner such as yourself, but there are quite a few errors in your image.

1. the image overall just seems a little empty and bland. perhaps if you were to move the planet a little more into the center of the image, it would help with the emptyness, or if you were to add maybe a moon or two, just to fill up the image. the image also seems boring, or it lacks dynamic. a good and easy way to fix this is to create a new black and white adjustment layer over the whole image and set the blend mode to overlay. then adjust the opacity of the layer according to your preferance. this will also help the image look more natural.

2. the rings seem too unrealistic and blurred. next time, try blurring the rings slightly by maybe only 0.1-0.5 pixels, just to remove unwanted roughness on the edges. also, the rings seem to lack perspective which is very important in rings and space scapes. to do this first open free transform on the rings and right click on the rings to open up the drop down menu. click on perspective. click on one of the corners of the box and pull it away from the center slightly so that only one side of the rings gets larger. then click on ok to accept. you can then move your rings into your image and place the larger edge of the rings as the sides thats closest to the viewers.

3. the planet has a few flaws. the colours are good and natural. the clouds are a big problem though. particularly their angles relative to the rings. they just don't look natural. try angling them so that they line up with the rings. i will admit that i used to do this same thing when i first got the program, but you will learn how to manipulate the program to your advantage. this little tip will felp your planets look so much more realistic. you also seem to put a little too much cloud shadow onto your planets. try reducing it slightly. it may not be much but it will help.

not all elements of your image are bad. example, your starfield is actually quite natural in appearance and very good. even i have trouble trying to make mine look more natural. so good for you on that.:)

all in all, you are still realively new to the space genre but i see alot of potential in you and i'm telling you that you will learn to master this program and to a greater extent, photoshop. by then, you will be a truely great artist and there will be nothing stopping you from producing what you want to create!:D
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AsariGoddess Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
Magnificent artwork :)
The-Prototype92 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :)
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